The exercises and tips we ran through were helpful prompts to be aware of our bodies, tone and inflection and they were also fantastic teambuilding opportunities.

                                    -- Workshop Participant, CH2M-Jacobs

The workshop helped break down barriers between colleagues from different parts of our company, and made everyone feel relaxed enough to explore an activity outside their comfort zone.
                                -- Workshop Participant, CH2M-Jacobs

It is a pleasure working with Andrea! She not only brings a wealth of experience to the fore, but does an excellent job of curating her classes to the specific needs of her students. Andrea is able to inspire students to push themselves and take risks, all the while ensuring the class environment is safe, supportive and fun. Her learning goals are focused and well-articulated, and it is clear that her students are really growing – as well as having a blast!"

         -- Liz Pouncett, Education Director, Young People's Theatre

I would emphatically recommend this experience!
-- Workshop Participant, CH2M-Jacobs

Thank you, Andrea, for reinforcing that auditioning can be empowering and even fun! Fave tip: introduce yourself like your name is a gift.
-- Elizabeth Whitbread, Participant, Empowering Actors in the Audition Room